Spice Grinder

  • $3.63
Filled with big flavor, these herbs and spices from Turqle Trading make a delicious complement to a variety of dishes. All bottles topped with built-in grinder to unlock the freshest flavor -- use them as an ingredient or add a dash at the table. Perfect as a stocking stuffer!
  • Hot Rocks - 3.17 oz - Salt, chili and paprika oil combine when ground to add intense savory heat at mealtime.
  • Moroccan Harissa - 1.76 oz - Sea salt combined with chilli, garlic, caraway seeds, cumin, and corander, mint, and more. Versatile flavor for homemade dishes from meat to vegetables.
  • Smoked Hot Rocks - 2.5 oz - Smoked chili and paprika lend smoky flavor to this spicy chili salt. Great on meats, pizza, pasta, eggs....really anything!
  • Victoria Falls Pepper - 1.8 oz - Black, white, pink, and green peppercorns give this fragrant pepper its nuanced flavor. Use in place of black pepper in/on any dish.
  • Zanzibar Island Spice - 2.1 oz - A mixed spice with sea salt, sesame, fennel and coriander seeds and more. Try with meats, couscous, or potatoes.
  • Zulu Fire Spice - 1.76 oz - Red chilli mixed with black pepper, ginger and a touch of ginseng (to energize the tastebuds!). Grind onto pizza, pasta, casseroles, barbecues, curries and stir fry.