Peppermint Crunch

  • $2.25

Ever wonder what a winter wonderland tastes like? Crunchy peppermint candy in rich 70% dark chocolate – minty, frosty and bright.  

There are many ways to add joy to the holiday season and this Peppermint Crunch 70% Dark Chocolate bar is definitely the most delicious way. This organic and fair trade chocolate bar was inspired by our favorite non-chocolate holiday treat: candy canes! Over the years this bar has become our best-selling holiday flavor, and it’s not hard to figure out why!

To create this festive treat, Theo's talented chocolatiers create a handmade brittle in our Confection Kitchen. From there, we add this delicious brittle and organic peppermint oil to our rich dark chocolate.

Our favorite ingredient in this bar is the peppermint oil. Theo's sourcing partner works with farmers from the village of Bastara in the Uttar Pradesh region of India. The oil produced in this region provides an intense and authentic peppermint flavor when paired with our 70% dark chocolate.

•Organic   •Fair for Life   •Non-GMO  

•Soy Free   •Kosher   •Gluten Free   •Vegan