Diaspora Co

Chaat Masala

  • $7.5

Derived from the Hindi word “chaatna,” which means to lick, and quintessential to the street food genre of the same name, our mouth-puckering blend is meant to be relished. Our 12 single-origin, freshly-harvested spices create a perfect balance of salty, sour, and umami flavors. Sprinkle yours on top of cut fruit, use it to rim a cocktail glass, stir it into your yogurt or seltzer, or add it to your favorite sweet and savory snacks!

Sourced from 30 small regenerative family farms across India and Sri Lanka, the spices in this jar have been chosen for their flavor, freshness, and potency. In our commitment to building a more equitable spice trade, we pay an average 6x premium to our farm partners.